Community Forum Fundraiser FAQ

Q: Why do you need to fundraise?

A: Many LGBTQ people experience financial hardship at the best of times, let alone during a cost-of-living crisis, so putting a community conversation behind a paywall never felt right to us. 

While we’re committed to putting on the forum for free, we’re also just volunteers and putting on an event in meatspace is expensive! There’s our artist’s commission, speaker fees, venue hire costs… you get the picture.

If we reach our fundraising goal of $1500 we will pay our artist and each of our speakers a flat fee of $200. We will also reimburse organisers for the cost of the venue hire. Importantly, we will donate at least 10% of any remaining amount we raise to Pay The Rent.

In the exciting but unlikely event there are excess funds, we will hold them in the No Police at Pride bank account for future campaign activities. If you have any burning questions about the fundraiser, you can hit us up at

Q: How can I donate?

A: You can donate an amount of your choosing when you RSVP to the event via Humanitix.

Otherwise, you can transfer funds directly to the No Police at Pride bank account, which is a joint account between the two lead organisers Frank and Joshua. Here are the details (tell nobody about our middle names):

Account Holders: Frank Donald Gafa & Joshua Andrew David Badge

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 063 123

Account number: 1061 1643

Q: Do you receive any funding?

A: Short answer: No. 

Longer answer: No Police at Pride is a grassroots community campaign made up of people volunteering their time to make Pride, and all other spaces, safe and welcoming for everyone. Unfortunately, this does not typically involve a whole lot of money.

Q: Remind me what the event is for?

A: Our community forum aims to progress the conversation about the difficult relationship between Victoria Police and LGBTQ communities, and further explore the issues around their participation in Pride. 

You can read more about the event on our website or on Humanitix.