How to write to Midsumma’s CEO

When you write to Midsumma CEO Karen Bryant, introduce yourself and your relationship to the LGBTQIA+ community. State that you oppose police participating in Pride and then explain why. That’s three easy steps:

  1. Say who you are:
    • “I’m Alex and I’m a proud bisexual man…”
    • “My name is Jasmine and I’m a trans lawyer…”
  2. Tell Midsumma you’re against cops at Pride:
    • “I’m writing to say that I do not support cops participating in Pride March…”
    • “I believe in a safe and inclusive Pride, and so I am against police taking part in the event…”
  3. Explain why:
    • “I have had harmful experiences with police and their presence makes me unsafe…”
    • “Everyone deserves to feel safe at Pride but police participation excludes the most vulnerable in our communities…”

Pulling that together looks something like this:


Subject: No Police at Pride

Dear Karen, 

My name is Jason and I’m a non-binary healthcare worker. Pride should be safe for everyone, but police make many people in our communities unsafe.

Police have treated me with hostility in the past, and I do not go to Pride because they participate. I believe in a safer, more welcoming Pride and think that police should not take part.



If you’re still stuck for ideas about how to express yourself, have a look at the open letter and petition. Some final points to keep in mind:

  • Be honest but be polite: remember that we’re trying to persuade Midsumma, not bully them
  • Be concise: you don’t need to write an essay, just 2-3 sentences about who you are and why you want cops out of Pride
  • Make it personal: talk about why you want cops out of Pride and how their participation makes you feel

In solidarity,

No Police at Pride